StudioScape, LLC established in January of 2017, was formed by Jeff Pugh, a graduate of Oklahoma State University. His background encompasses all facets of the Landscape Architecture field. Past experience range from small residential design to large college campus master planning. Commercial, residential and public projects that are environmentally sound and incorporate the latest techniques in “Green Building” and “Sustainable Design” are the focus for their long-term company goals and we strive to incorporate as much of the Low Impact design elements we can in our projects.


The philosophy at StudioScape, LLC is grounded in a dedication to client service, excellence and innovation. We work closely with clients and consultants to produce a project that is not only aesthetically remarkable, but also fulfills all the client's desires. Finishing within a pre-established budget is a top priority.


Client Service: StudioScape views client service as the #1 element in a successful relationship. To achieve the highest level of service, they conduct detailed client interviews, encourage constant client involvement, and practice excellent communication skills. Those skills include careful listening and down-to-earth speaking.


Excellence: The staff at StudioScape are well educated in the field of Landscape Architecture. Their ability to listen to the client's desires, absorb the information, and transfer those dreams into reality are key elements in providing excellence for their client's projects. Excellence also shows in their ongoing pursuit of superb materials and outstanding contractors.


Innovation: Innovation is StudioScape’s hallmark.  On each project, StudioScape researches the latest professional periodicals and media illustrating the most definitive Landscape Architectural practices. We stay on the cutting edge of computer technology by employing the newest versions of CAD and other computer production methodologies.  To assure constant updating in an ever-expanding field, we consistently participate in educational programs across Oklahoma and neighboring states.


Over the course of the Owner’s 18 years of experience, he has contributed himself to many projects that have made a significant impact on the lives of the residents of Tulsa, other parts of Oklahoma and parts of Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi. All of which the Owner maintains a license to practice Landscape Architecture in. All of these projects required a good sense of design, creativity, sense of space and knowledge of community values and needs. Their understanding and respect of those points have been the basis for the company’s life philosophy that the communities in which we live should be comprised of quality and beauty to enrich everyone’s lives.